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World would be better if everyone had a mom like mine

Charlotte Anne Arnold, my Mom, is enjoying her well-earned later years here in Arizona. We’ll be celebrating her and all moms this Sunday on Mother’s Day.

It wasn’t always so easy for her – or us. She was the very definition of a single parent for much of my childhood, working hard outside the home and raising three children in our home in less than ideal parts of Western Kentucky. She was a great role model for what hard work and sacrifice should look like.

Oh that the entire world had a Mom like mine, it would be a better place.

Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

2 thoughts on “World would be better if everyone had a mom like mine

  1. The most wonderful tribute to a Mom from a wonderful loving son who has made me so proud over the years in all his accomplishments. I am so very blessed with two sons and a daughter.
    Thank you for this wonderful article. Made me cry when I opened NewsBreak and saw and read.

  2. I totally agree that Char is everything
    That Jeff has said about his mom! She is
    Also a wonderful wife to Mark and a great
    Neighbor! Happy Mother’s Day, Charlotte,
    You deserve it!

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