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Social media marketing without call to action is a mistake

wrong way sign

Social media has made it easier for businesses and brands to reach out to their audience(s). Used properly, this resource can bring plenty of benefits to the table. Among the biggest mistakes companies make in social media marketing: complete lack of a call – or calls – to action.

Imagine a sales funnel. Everything you say will need to contribute to that funnel. You need to design it in a way that makes your customers think that buying your products or booking your hotel or restaurant is the best decision they’ll make. Without calls to action, your marketing campaigns will fail.

– Eric Olsen, Fasturtle

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Facebook launches new Birthday Stories feature

birthday stories

People have always come to Facebook to connect with friends around day-to-day life, and celebrate important moments, like birthdays. As such, on May 9, Facebook launched Birthday Stories globally.

It is a new type of story where friends, family and everyone in the community can add digital birthday cards, photos and/or videos to a special Facebook story to celebrate one’s big day. The result is a happy birthday message that’s visual, memorable, interactive and fun.

It is like getting a personalized birthday card from everyone you care about, no matter where they might be in the world.

– Jehan Damji, Facebook

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Fyre Festival and the power of social influencers

Fyre Festival

Whether you’ve seen the dueling Netflix and Hulu Fyre Festival documentaries or not, the power of social influencers and celebrities is evident. How can one promotional video and a few Instagram posts con thousands of people?

Simple: FOMO. Organizers were able to take advantage of that fear of missing out on what appeared to be the next Coachella with social marketing alone.

You may know how this tale unfolded – if not, read here. The moral of the story is don’t trust everything on the internet or simply don’t spend thousands of dollars on a festival that’s never taken place before.

– Noah Fleming, The Pittsburgh 100

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Don’t overlook social media photography

social media photography

As businesses continue to see the importance of connecting with their customers through social media, the photography used on those platforms takes on even greater significance.

Having a professional photo collection of staff members, locations and products ready to post on social media allows for a more strategic, visual approach to engagement. It provides options that can enhance social media editorial calendars while demonstrating a visual difference between quality images and spur-of-the-moment selfies and cell phone photos.

The same can be said for event coverage, as a professional photographer will showcase it in the best way possible.

– Mike Eller, Mike Eller Photography

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Pressure on journalists’ social media posts grows


A survey of reporters worldwide finds there is increasing pressure on reporters to perform well on social media.

Social media requirements for reporters have seen an uptick across platforms compared to two years ago: 55.5 percent must post to Facebook (up from 37.8 percent); 47.3 percent are required to Tweet (up from 35.4 percent); 20 percent utilize LinkedIn (up from 14.4 percent); and 14.6 percent have a blogging requirement (up from 10.8 percent).

The survey was conducted by the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), one of the international networks of independent PR agencies.

– Scott Hanson, HMA Public Relations