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Tour de Sih Hasin empowers girls 200 miles at a time

Tour de Sin Hasin

Girl Scout Troop 7314 is taking on a 200-mile, eight-day bike ride across the Navajo Nation – the Tour de Sih Hasin. The strenuous mental and physical preparation for the tour helps the troop members, ranging from 6 to 15 years old, build confidence, courage and character – embodying the Girl Scout mission.

Thanks to a generous donation from Project Bike Love, an organization that donates bikes to women and girls, the troop has received 20 brand new bikes for their journey, in addition to jerseys, helmets, cycling shoes and several bike tools.

The tour is scheduled July 8-15.

– Claudia Jackson, Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council

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You don’t have all the answers … so have great questions

Have great questions

It’s natural for a leader to want to solve all the problems, know everything and help people with information. Typically, the unintended consequence of this is, well, you have to have all of the answers. It also means your team can’t have any of the answers because the boss has them all.

What if our job as leaders was to make people think about solutions, rather than hand out solutions? What if our goal was to build the capability to solve problems on our team, not to just solve the problems ourselves?

Learning happens when people have to create solutions.

– Randy Hall, 4th Gear Consulting

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Warrior’s words

warrior's words

“You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want … ” – Donald Rumsfeld

This is the rare time where I disagree with a quote. As a leader, you can delegate authority but not responsibility. A leader is responsible for his or her subordinates’ actions.

At the start of World War II, the German army pushed decision making down the ranks as far as possible. Commonality in training and understanding their commanders’ intent made this possible. You don’t go to war with the army that you want, you go to war with the army that you train.

Sgt. Mike Wesley, USMC (Retired)

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Friday nights offer chance to lead by example

Friday night football

The Arizona high school football playoffs in six divisions are underway at dozens of venues across the state. For some student-athletes, it is a stepping stone for their college football careers. For most, it may very well be the last time they have the opportunity to play organized sports.

For coaches, parents, players and fans, it is a time to set a positive example for sportsmanship, leadership and class. These lasting impressions can go a long way in guiding athletes in their future endeavors.

Friday night lights can be so much more than just another high school football game.

– Kevin McCabe, AZ Preps Live 98.7

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Warriors’ words

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein, scientist

“How many books do you have?” – Michael Hussar, artist

The difference between “good” and “great” is how much time you put into your pursuit. When asking about one’s credentials for a position, invariably you’ll hear the response, “I took X class,” or “I have Y certification.” Those are just starting points.

The masters never stop learning. Leonardo da Vinci carried a mirror and used it to study how the three-dimensional world around him translated itself into two dimensions.

A leader constantly pursues knowledge; we are our own best teacher.

– Sgt. Mike Wesley, USMC (Retired)

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Conflict management is a daily task for leaders

Hands joined together

Leaders must deal with conflict management every day. Leadership includes doing things others do not like to do. This includes conflict management.

It is important to remember to deal with the situation and not be tempted to become involved in unrelated issues. The impact of conflict in the workplace can result in a disruption of the effectiveness of employees and slow the achievement of organizational goals.

Leaders are often challenged with navigating seamlessly through conflict. Developing skills in managing conflict in the workplace are important aspects of the leader’s role in ensuring conflict is managed and organizational goals are prioritized.

National Diversity Council

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Use Headspace app to turn stress to creativity


Imagine starting a team meeting where everyone’s head is clear and their minds and energy are focused on the matters at hand.

You might be skeptical on whether that’s possible, but consider using Headspace, a meditation app that some of my clients use at the start of meetings. Using guided sessions and animations, the app helps you learn techniques that can help transfer stressful energy into creativity for problem solving.

By using Headspace, teams have been shown to build capacity for innovation over time and reduce stress levels. Now, many teams that I know won’t start a meeting without it.

Marty Petty, The MPETTY Group