The JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show

JOGS Tucson Gem and  Jewelry Show is one of the leading gem and jewelry events in North America for all gemstone, jewelry, and mineral industry professionals and is one of the key jewelry markets in the world.

JOGS Tucson Show brings together international wholesalers, manufacturers and designers of jewelry, gem dealers, and stone cutters, showcasing new designs and new ideas. Exhibitors bring the best selection and largest stocks to choose from.

Gem dealers and miners bring their best rough materials, cabs, best quality of cut stones, minerals and new discoveries from Russia, Brazil,  USA, Thailand, India, Madagascar, Africa, Colombia, Australia, Canada, China and other countries, attracting gem hunters from around the world.

JOGS Gem and  Jewelry Show is hosted twice a year, fall and winter time. The winter show happens during the Tucson Gem Show.

Jewelry Making Classes & Seminars
Sign up for a jewelry-making class or seminar! All classes are taught by professional instructors, and you can learn wire-wrapping, beads, metalsmithing, enameling, and so much more.

Products available at the JOGS Shows
Gemstones, precious and semi-precious
Gemstone decor and carvings
Raw materials and minerals
Beads and cabochons
Jewelry displays and accessories
Watches and more
Jewelry tools
Jewelry packaging
Fine jewelry
Fashion Jewelry
Designer jewelry
Silver jewelry
14-18K Gold jewelry
Ethnic/Tribal jewelry
Diamond jewelry
Organic jewelry – pearls, amber, corals, shells, etc
Coin Jewelry

JOGS Tucson Show Presents
Diverseness of products, materials, colors, shapes, sizes and design
Dealers from  26 countries
Jewelers, gemstone dealers, jewelry manufactuers, miners, offering exclusive only Event specials with the best prices of the year
Direct source purchases
Create business connections with industry professionals
Unique exhibits and presentations during the Event – expositions from the world famous museums, rare private collections, international fashion shows and much more
New jewelry trends and newly discovered stones
More than 200 jewelry making classes and seminars