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Cigars land in the laps of luxury and support troops


The on-premise cigar service industry started in Arizona. In 1995, Fumar Cigars began reaching out to the luxury hospitality world, providing rare and hard-to-find inventory and delivering the most-recognized and prized products in custom-made humidors designed for each location.

Now, there are over 400 resorts, golf clubs and private clubs that have embraced this trend of on-premise cigar service.

That success has allowed for 1.2 million free cigars to be personally delivered to deployed U.S. military units, military charities and service members celebrating everything from births to weddings to return from deployments.

– David Haddad, Fumar Cigars

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King of Arizona

who is gym

The name of Yuma’s Kofa High School has an interesting evolution. The school, which has an enrollment of nearly 2,200 students in ninth through 12th grades, shares its name with the Kofa Mountains. The mountains were named after the rich King of Arizona gold mine, discovered in King Valley in 1896 and active 1897 to 1910.

The mine used to stamp its property “K of A” and became commonly known as the Kofa Mine, the largest gold producer in the Lower Colorado Basin. In keeping with the theme of the nearby landmark, the school’s nickname is the Kings.

– Scott Hanson, “Who Is Gym?

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Copper State of Mind

Independence Day

How are math and dessert related? I was never that good at math. Could never understand why it mattered what time train A left the station. But, had my algebra teacher told me learning about pi could lead to eating pie, I might have paid more attention.

The first official large-scale celebration of Pi Day occurred on March 14, 1988, at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 because three, one and four are the first three digits of pi. Pi Day also celebrates the birthday of Albert Einstein.

Go out and have a slice.

– Abbie S. Fink, HMA Public Relations

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Get a job that counts

census jobs

The United States needs your help gathering information for the 2020 census. The Census Bureau is hiring 200,000 people to work in communities to accomplish census goals.

Various positions are available, with good pay and flexible hours for those selected. You will need to be a U.S. citizen with a valid social security number and driver’s license and be at least 18 years old.

The census is taken in the United States once every 10 years on the year ending in zero. If you want a job that really counts and is flexible, visit to apply.

– Patricia Mills, The SWFL 100