Safari Adventure Party

We’re wild with excitement to have you and your little monkey join us for our SAFARI ADVENTURE PARTY! Grab your passport and let us guide you into the lion’s lair for games and activities then we’ll go bananas creating jungle themed crafts. Our last stop on our safari tour will be for our wild photo opportunity, so bring your cameras! All passengers will receive their very own Safari Ranger Certification and fully stamped passport to remind you of this roaring good time! All party animals are welcome!

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Esperança helps at-risk children learn with a smile


Arizona-based nonprofit Esperança is dedicated to improving health and restoring hope for families living among the poorest communities worldwide. Although the organization is widely known for medical missions abroad, it also runs Phoenix health programs.

“Learning with a Smile,” for example, provides oral health education to 2,500-4,500 children and parents living within some of Maricopa County’s most under-resourced neighborhoods.

By partnering with Title I schools, dental clinics and community centers, Esperança’s bilingual and bicultural educators promote oral health literacy, provide age-appropriate smile kits and give referrals for free or low-cost care.

– Maria Valenzuela, Esperança