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Therapy dogs provide support, comfort at local care centers

Therapy dogs

Animal-assisted therapy helps lower cortisol levels, reduce blood pressure and heart rate, ease anxiety and increase endorphins. As such, therapy dogs have been used at multiple Jewish Family & Children’s Service healthcare centers since 2017.

People often confuse therapy dogs with either service dogs or emotional support dogs. A service dog is trained to help people with disabilities including visual impairments and mobility issues. An emotional support dog is trained to provide its owner therapeutic benefits through companionship. A therapy dog, however, is trained to provide support, comfort and affection to one or more individuals, or even to a group.

– Diane Palacios, Jewish Family & Children’s Service

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Charles Babbitt releases ‘Birding Arizona – What to know, Where to go’

Birding Arizona

Over 500 bird species have been recorded in Arizona, the highest of any state without an ocean coastline. Birds can be seen in many different Arizona habitats and locations, including the Sonoran Desert, woodlands, ponderosa pine forests and riparian areas.

A native Arizonan and five-decade birder, Charles Babbitt has been interested in birds since a young boy in Flagstaff, Arizona. In his new book “Birding Arizona – What to know, Where to go,” Babbitt shares some of the best birding locations in the state. He also shares the greater purpose that birds serve and how we can help protect them.

The Arizona 100 staff