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When getting a good night’s sleep is not an option

I admit it: Whenever I used to miss a good night’s sleep, I might’ve been a little grumpy the next day. Not anymore – not since I met Theresa.

Theresa can’t sleep at night because the night isn’t safe for her and thousands of other domestic violence victims. Instead of being home or even crashing at my friend Scott’s homeless camp, she hides in stairways or elevator shafts and, if she’s lucky, naps by day. Theresa wasn’t aware our state has shelters for victims of domestic violence. She is now.

Support our state’s charities. You – and other Theresas – might sleep better.

– Jeff Arnold, President, RightSure

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Update your website, and then do it again


As the owner of an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency focused on website design, among other services, I know firsthand that having an eye-catching website is the most important part of maintaining a strong digital presence.

Updating your website is crucial and is something most businesses and brands forget about. Not sure when it’s time for an update? There are five telltale signs to look out for:

1. Poor conversion rate (amount of visitors to a website who actually interact with the page).

2. Cluttered design.

3. Bad user experience.

4. Unclear messaging.

5. Not mobile friendly.

– Eric Olsen, Fasturtle

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The connection between a brand and the media

television camera

Do the media still play an important role in today’s ever-evolving world of marketing communications? Absolutely – on several levels.

Media generates awareness and understanding of your organization among consumers, elected officials, donors, influencers and the community at large. Media also helps to build name and brand recognition, provides an opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership and allows organizations to advocate and position themselves as the leaders in the social services arena. And finally, it still provides critical third-party credibility.

As such, effective, authentic media relations can and should be a focus of any business or brand’s overarching strategic plan.

– Alison Bailin, HMA Public Relations

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Copper State of Mind

copper state of mind

The days of the Arizona business community taking a couple months off during our hot summer season are gone.

There was a time a few years ago when almost no major business decisions were made in June, July or August, because the decision-makers were in San Diego or some mountain retreat to escape the heat.

There are still vacations to be had and trips to be taken – but there’s no sign of the traditional summer break for business. Companies are seizing the opportunity to plan for the fall, and many are getting an early jump on their fall initiatives.

– Scott Hanson, HMA Public Relations

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How to create engaging content marketing material

Engaging content marketing material

The key to connecting with your target audience online is the creation of compelling content.

• Be original: Use fresh interviews, videos and how-to articles on a regular basis.

• Develop actionable content: Create stories, articles and posts with a call to action. If your audience doesn’t know what you want them to do, then you are wasting marketing resources.

• Ensure accuracy: If the target market can trust your content, then they will begin to feel more comfortable and connected to your brand.

Content creation isn’t an intern’s job: It is a full-time job. Consider hiring outside professionals to manage.

– Eric Olsen, Fasturtle Digital