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Dreaded drop from homeowners insurance

While getting “dropped” by your homeowners insurance can be confusing and stressful, fear not – options do exist:

1. Understand why, which usually boils down to a change in the condition of your property or claim history.

2. Review your options, from researching online to working with an independent agent to find another carrier.

3. Compare policies to best fit your needs and budget.

4. Consider bundling to save on overall insurance costs which, in the wake of being dropped, will cause your homeowner’s policy to increase.

When in doubt, stay on top of routine maintenance, unnecessary claims and communicating changes.

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– Hannah Van Sickle, The Arizona 100

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Practice makes perfect (driving)

If avoiding accidents and costly insurance claims is up your alley, brush up on these tips for driving defensively, reducing your risk of an accident:

ASSUME other motorists will make mistakes, at the four-way stop sign and elsewhere.

AVOID driving distracted, from cell phones to fussy kids.

OBEY speed limits, especially in heavy traffic and poor weather.

USE your turn signal and, when given the option, pick a lane and stay in it.

ANTICIPATE dangerous driving scenarios, from winding rural roads to parking lots.

CARRY proof of insurance, always, just in case an automobile accident proves unavoidable.

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Cyber liability insurance for small businesses

Despite their size, small businesses face big risks – among them cyber liability. With cybercrimes – from identity and payroll theft to phishing scams and cryptojacking – on the rise, business owners with an online presence are increasingly vulnerable.

Whether involving customers or employees, cybercrimes can be costly and inconvenient, which is why cyber liability insurance is imperative. Coverage can help pay for losses, both first and third party, as well as myriad costs from litigation and forensic investigation to business interruption and income loss.

Feeling proactive? Consider risk assessment and cyber security training tools designed to prevent becoming a victim.

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– Hannah Van Sickle, The 100 Companies

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Tips for traveling homeowners

Spring is here, which means vacation for many homeowners. Whether escaping for a long weekend or jetting off to somewhere tropical, consider these tips to keep your (empty) home safe while away:

• Pause delivery of mail and newspapers.

• Invest in motion sensors and automated lights.

• Utilize smart home security (from security alarms to doorbell cameras).

• Install a Wi-Fi smoke detector.

• Shut off water at the main source.

• Set your thermostat to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

When in doubt, safeguard your home – and achieve peace of mind year-round – with the right home insurance policy from the experts at RIGHTSURE.

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– Hannah Van Sickle, The Arizona 100