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Arizona sun continues to rise on solar industry

There are more than 100,000 residential solar-power customers in Arizona. With federal tax credits for solar energy systems slated to decrease over the next four years, those numbers are expected to climb exponentially as residents take advantage of the incentives before they go away.

“The federal tax credit for solar installations is 30 percent through 2019,” said Joseph Cunningham, director of operations for Sunny Energy, one of Arizona’s largest providers of residential and commercial solar energy systems. “The credit will drop to 26 percent in 2020, then to 22 percent in 2021 before going to zero in 2022.”

– Scott Hanson, HMA Public Relations

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Why we need Girl Scouts

Betsey Bayless

The Boy Scouts announced they are opening their doors to girls. I see their move as a grave disservice to girls. And a cynical response to their financial problems and declining enrollment. There are very few girl-only spaces today.

Girls need a safe space where they can be themselves and build confidence. A place where being female is seen as positive, with inherent strengths.

Girl Scouts is the premier leadership development organization for girls, offering hands-on programs designed to meet girls’ specific needs. We all have a stake in ensuring this essential organization continues to help girls thrive.

– Betsey Bayless, lifetime Girl Scout

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F.O.X.Y. women unite

Foxy women gathering

Fearless, Outrageous, X-ceptional women, Yearning to make a difference in our community and DO. That’s the F.O.X.Y. Women Tribe and they are ON FIRE.

These dynamic, successful women from various industries in both the public and private sectors unite to build solid relationships, inspire, educate and impact their respective communities through powerful events. These unique events create an opportunity for connections and business to flow organically, leading to increased profitability, motivation, confidence, contribution, happiness and health.

ALL women are encouraged to connect with events in their area. Visit for details.

– Heather Rausch, Foxfire Events

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How to raise a generation of speak-up, confident women

Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Our daughters are performing as never before and outperforming boys. But, there’s a disturbing contradiction that parents and teachers should be aware of.

From the age of 8, girls’ confidence plummets and never recovers. Girls stop taking risks, and even raising their hand in class becomes a challenge. They become perfectionists who are terrified of failure.

If we want to raise a generation of speak-up, confident women, we need to get them comfortable with taking risks and being less perfect. This is book is for your daughters, with quizzes, scenarios and cartoons that will help them reach their potential.

Katty Kay, Co-author and bestselling author of “The Confidence Code for Girls”

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Patios and puppies: The 411 on dog-friendly Valley venues

Dog parents, rejoice. Pooch-friendly patios, many with special seats, treats, water and play places especially for your pet, abound in Arizona. There is no better time to enjoy them than now. Some of the best are:

• PNPK Craft Sliders + Wine Bar
• Rott ‘n’ Grapes • O.H.S.O (all locations)
• Hula’s Modern Tiki
• Postino (all locations) • AZ88
• The Herb Box
• Two Brothers Tap House & Brewery
• Brat Haus
• Chestnut
• Ingo’s Tasty Food
• The Gladly
• Windsor
• Café Bink
• Shake Shack

And in Tucson:
• Barrio Brewing Company
• Cup Café at the Hotel Congress
• Renee’s Organic Oven
• Revolutionary Grounds
• 1702 Pizza & Beer

– Alison Bailin, HMA Public Relations

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Arizona tasting rooms making local wine scene even sweeter

Carlson Creek Tasting Room

The Arizona wine scene is growing every day. Most local groceries stores and higher-end beverage stores such as Total Wine and Bevmo carry dozens of Arizona-based varietals. But it’s worth the drive, especially to Cochise County, to see the vineyards and tasting rooms yourself.

The Willcox Wine Region is particularly impressive with more than a dozen great spots to sip. The regions host events, which include Sierra Vista Sips & Skies on May 26. Wineries include:

• Golden Rule
• Passion Cellars
• Flying Leap
• Carlson Creek
• Aridus
• Coronado
• Bogeda Pierce
• Zarpara
• Kief-Joshua
• Pillsbury
• Laramita Cellars
• Sand-Reckoner
• Four Trails

– Alison Bailin, HMA Public Relations

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Recycling industry getting bogged down


The recycling industry is experiencing high levels of contamination as end-users of recyclables are adopting new standards.


• Recycle empty plastic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard.
• Keep foods and liquids out of recycling.
• Keep plastic bags out of recycling.


• Bag your recyclables – plastic bags and film tangle the machinery.
• Include food-soiled items – they can turn recycling into trash.
• Add sharp or dangerous materials like needles and electronics – they can injure recycling workers.
• Toss in “tanglers” like rubber hoses and wires – they can shut down an entire recycling center.
• Include bulky items like propane tanks or construction debris.

– Scott Hanson, HMA Public Relations