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Some of the best places to see holiday lights in Arizona

Prepare to see some sparkle – it’s time for holiday lights! Here are some not-to-miss displays:

13th Annual Oro Valley Festival of the Arts tree lighting – This time-honored tradition takes place Dec. 2 at 6 p.m.

 Glendale Glitters – View holiday lights from Nov. 24-Jan. 1, with a special two-day event Nov. 24-25 in honor of this tradition’s 30th anniversary.

LightsUp! – From Nov. 24-Jan. 7, the Tucson Botanical Gardens transforms into a winter wonderland with dazzling lights, dancing sculptures and luminaria displays.

ZooLights – From Nov. 22-Jan. 14, the Phoenix Zoo shines with millions of lights, hundreds of displays and much more.

– Staff report, The Arizona 100

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Why are EVs piling up at dealerships?

Up until recently, EV buyers had to wait months for new inventory to arrive. Now, it’s the other way around. What happened?

Sure, supply finally catching up is a factor – but the main culprit is a sudden dropoff in buyers. EV adoption by state seems to hit a wall at around 8%, which tells us that early adopters have already bought their EVs – and everyone else has cold feet.

As much as I’m cheering for EVs, I can understand the hesitation. After all, charging is still a challenge and hybrid cars are SO good now that they’re hard to ignore.

– Chris Butsch, Contributor

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On giving thanks

America is a great land of opportunity, one of few in the world where folks have the ability to make their dreams come true.

There’s a foundation here for those who are driven and unafraid of failure – from the actor trying out for a role they’re not fit for to the entrepreneur raising capital for a product launch that’s ultimately unsuccessful.

While I strive to be grateful in my everyday life, the fourth Thursday in November is a welcome opportunity to take pause. It’s a time of reflection, a time to be thankful for all that we have.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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40th Annual el Tour de Tucson

Get in gear for one of the country’s premiere bicycling events, el Tour de Tucson – to commence and conclude at the Tucson Convention Center – on Saturday, Nov. 18.

Go the distance (a whopping 102 miles) or choose the route that meets your pedaling pace – in lengths of 62 and 32 miles, plus family FUN rides for a mile or three. Spectators are welcome along these routes to cheer on the more than 7,500 participants traveling via 15,000+ wheels.

P.S.: This event enables nonprofits and charitable agencies to raise funds for their respective organizations. Sign up or join an existing team.

– Hannah Van Sickle, The Arizona 100

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So, the Corvette does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds now

To date, the fastest car I’ve driven is a 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia. With a 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds, it was more than enough speed to send all of my internal organs crashing into the back of the Italian leather seats.

So I can’t imagine what it’s like to go 0-60 nearly a full second faster in the 2024 Corvette E-Ray, Chevrolet’s new hybrid supercar. Chevy quite modestly calls it a “sports car,” which is like calling Simone Biles an “athlete” – if it’s faster than a Bugatti Veyron, it’s pretty “super.”

The starting price is unbelievable, too: just $105,000.

– Chris Butsch, Contributor

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Spreading the goodness that is Arizona

In my inaugural column (dated Oct. 1, 2021), I let folks in on a secret: Finding new ways to help others fuels me.

When I began publishing The Arizona 100, I was committed to spreading the goodness of the Grand Canyon State and celebrating the greatness of humanity happening within this place we all call home.

Three years in, my eye is on a new prize: hitting 250,000 subscribers. Is this a lofty goal? Sure. But it comes with perks for you, dear reader. It’s free, it’s fun (no politics or religion here!) and it feels good.

Together, let’s do this!

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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Creating opportunities to build (and celebrate) confidence

Recently, my daughter’s attention has been harnessed by all things equestrian – a notoriously time consuming (not to mention expensive!) pastime. She rides three days each week, mucks stalls on Sundays and thinks about swapping her deep-seated barrel-racing western saddle for one of the English variety so she can explore dressage.

Each and every time she learns a new trick on her horse, my daughter is buoyed by confidence.

What a gift it has been to help grow this young female’s self-image. I hope she goes forth in the world cognizant of her power and potential – both of which are limitless.

Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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Sales of manual transmission cars are surging. Why?

Not long ago, you could find countless articles lamenting the slow-but-inevitable demise of the manual transmission. But according to J.D. Power, sales have nearly doubled since 2021. Why?

As you might’ve guessed, Gen Z came through in the “clutch.” And the more you think about it, their love affair with a third pedal makes sense; manuals are fun, cheap, counterculture and can’t be taken away from them via software updates. In a way, it’s their equivalent of Gen Y’s penchant for record players.

Plus, as single-gear EVs start dominating the market, the appeal of rowing your own mechanical gears intensifies.

Chris Butsch, Contributor

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When business booms out-of-state

Expanding your business across state lines is a huge milestone; keep the following in mind while navigating the process:

Cost of commercial property – Whether renting or buying, consider virtual tours, and don’t forget property insurance.

Quality of hiring pool – Whether onboarding full-time employees or freelance contractors, do your homework regarding local requirements.

Special laws and regulations to learn – Set the paperwork in motion, stat, to avoid state agency backlog.

Adequacy of business insurance – Coverage is contingent upon location, so prioritize your protection, from general liability and business umbrella insurance to commercial auto coverage and workers’ compensation.

Read on for more.

– Hannah Van Sickle, The Arizona 100

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Learning happens across the generations, too

I have always believed when the heart is ready, the teacher will come in – a mindset applicable to many arenas, from business and mentoring to sports.

After winning the women’s U.S. Open in early September, 19-year-old Coco Gauff told ESPN, “Different generations have pushed me to do well in this one.”

The brief, albeit impactful, comment was a nod to her father and primary coach Corey (52) – aka “Captain” – and his decision to step back and hire Pere Riba (35) and Brad Gilbert (62) to fine-tune the prodigy’s game.

Gauff’s heart was clearly ready to learn from another generation; is yours?

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE