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Protect Your Hard-Earned Money From Wire Fraud

protect from wire fraud

After going through all the steps to buy a home, making your down payment should feel like a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, it’s no time to let your guard down.

Fraudsters go to great lengths to trick homebuyers into sending funds through a wire transfer. These wire transfers appear in the form of a legitimate-looking email, often with personal information. If you’re suspicious of an email, confirm the digital communication with your REALTOR and escrow officer, acting immediately if you suspect you’ve received a fraudulent email by calling your title company and your bank’s fraud department.

– Tom Davis, Pioneer Title Agency

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Is My Culture Going to Be Different This Year?

company culture

Culture guides most of the decisions in your company. Your people will conform to it whether it’s the one you want, or just the one that evolved because you didn’t consciously build a better one.

If it’s risk-averse, your business will be. If it’s undisciplined, your business will be. If it’s content with the status quo, your business will be. You can’t execute tomorrow’s strategy with today’s culture. Look at your culture today, and if you can’t say it’s better than it was six months ago, then decide now that it needs to change and start the change process now.

– Randy Hall, 4th Gear Consulting

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How to protect your money

protect your money

Financial scams abound today, and they come in several forms. Here are some tips to help keep your data and money safe:

• Request alerts for whenever your cards are used somewhere unusual like another city.

• Check statements and activity weekly. Call your bank if ever you suspect something is amiss.

• Develop a variety of passwords – and make them complicated.

• Avoid shared computers whenever possible.

• Avoid shared wi-fi if not secure.

• Avoid “too-good-to-be-true” deals online and sweepstakes that claim you won something for nothing, especially if you do not remember entering said contest at all.

• Don’t answer unknown phone numbers.

– Mike Brown. WaFd Bank Arizona

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Your attitude and influence are your greatest skills

attitude and influence

People around you are influenced by you, and making sure that influence makes a positive impact is part of what it means to work and thrive in a successful organization.

The attitude you bring to your work is much of what makes you successful. You can be taught how to do the tasks of your job, but it is harder to make you a positive, engaging, motivated individual.

And while an organization strives to have leaders who will help you to be that each and every day, ultimately, that’s your choice. A good employer expects you to make the choice.

– Randy Hall, 4th Gear Consulting

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Copper State of Mind

copper state of mind

There is likely not a workplace around that, at some point in time, hasn’t had to put a team together to solve an issue, create a new process or manage a challenging project. But, how does a team leader ensure the team doesn’t succumb to the dreaded “group think?”

• Diversify yourselves. Be open to other insight, feedback and ideas.

• Think for yourself. Critical thinking from all members ensures everyone’s opinions are heard.

• Play devil’s advocate. Look at all sides of the issue, especially if it is different than yours.

• Get an outsider’s perspective. Incorporate external viewpoints into the discussion before making your final decision.

– Abbie S. Fink, HMA Public Relations

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Why businesses should invest in Phoenix

invest in Phoenix

Greater Phoenix’s approach to connectivity extends beyond the fabric of our community. As a region, we’re on a relentless pursuit of innovation and companies here are changing the game. Some things to consider:

• Greater Phoenix has the third largest labor pool in the West, boasting talent in high-demand industries.
• Greater Phoenix has excellent connectivity to major metropolitan markets.
• Greater Phoenix is a low-cost operating environment, and Arizona is a right-to-work state.
• Greater Phoenix’s educational institutions collaborate to produce job-ready talent that is entrepreneurial in spirit.
• Greater Phoenix has access to global supply chains in Mexico and is a dynamic binational region.

– Chris Camacho, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

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Change does not happen in a straight line

leading change

Good leaders know that they can’t fix someone or change a culture with a single conversation any more than they can make a business an instant, overnight success.  Progress is what’s important.  Progress is about consistency, and learning only happens after enough progress is made.

Leaders who want to add speed to the process of developing others or creating an engaged team often make poor choices, overuse authority and sometimes push people or teams in the opposite direction of the one they want them to go.

Don’t let your sense of urgency get in the way of the learning process.

– Randy Hall, 4th Gear Consulting 


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How to take on delegated responsibility

delegated responsibility tips

There is a limited resource in your office: each other.

Because we are limited, according to the Harvard Business Review’s “Guide to Getting the Right Work Done,” clear communication is key. Doing this when projects are delegated to you is especially important. Be sure to:

• Discuss what you understand the priorities of the project to be.
• Detail your next steps, noting specific deadlines for all parties working on the project.
• Set times for progress updates.
• Share all concerns or ideas.
• List others who need to know about the plan and how they will receive communications.

– Alison Bailin, HMA Public Relations