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On giving thanks

America is a great land of opportunity, one of few in the world where folks have the ability to make their dreams come true.

There’s a foundation here for those who are driven and unafraid of failure – from the actor trying out for a role they’re not fit for to the entrepreneur raising capital for a product launch that’s ultimately unsuccessful.

While I strive to be grateful in my everyday life, the fourth Thursday in November is a welcome opportunity to take pause. It’s a time of reflection, a time to be thankful for all that we have.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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Spreading the goodness that is Arizona

In my inaugural column (dated Oct. 1, 2021), I let folks in on a secret: Finding new ways to help others fuels me.

When I began publishing The Arizona 100, I was committed to spreading the goodness of the Grand Canyon State and celebrating the greatness of humanity happening within this place we all call home.

Three years in, my eye is on a new prize: hitting 250,000 subscribers. Is this a lofty goal? Sure. But it comes with perks for you, dear reader. It’s free, it’s fun (no politics or religion here!) and it feels good.

Together, let’s do this!

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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Creating opportunities to build (and celebrate) confidence

Recently, my daughter’s attention has been harnessed by all things equestrian – a notoriously time consuming (not to mention expensive!) pastime. She rides three days each week, mucks stalls on Sundays and thinks about swapping her deep-seated barrel-racing western saddle for one of the English variety so she can explore dressage.

Each and every time she learns a new trick on her horse, my daughter is buoyed by confidence.

What a gift it has been to help grow this young female’s self-image. I hope she goes forth in the world cognizant of her power and potential – both of which are limitless.

Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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Learning happens across the generations, too

I have always believed when the heart is ready, the teacher will come in – a mindset applicable to many arenas, from business and mentoring to sports.

After winning the women’s U.S. Open in early September, 19-year-old Coco Gauff told ESPN, “Different generations have pushed me to do well in this one.”

The brief, albeit impactful, comment was a nod to her father and primary coach Corey (52) – aka “Captain” – and his decision to step back and hire Pere Riba (35) and Brad Gilbert (62) to fine-tune the prodigy’s game.

Gauff’s heart was clearly ready to learn from another generation; is yours?

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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Imperfections need not mean the death of effective leadership

I often joke that “Lost in Translation” is gonna be on my tombstone – a fitting epitaph, I’ve decided, for someone equally fueled by imagination and innovation.

As a highly creative human, I often find myself bursting with a million ideas – All. At. Once.

From time to time, things CAN get lost in translation amidst the enthusiasm (something my wife and daughter remind me of, often), which presents fertile ground for self-reflection.

Embracing all of my qualities ultimately allows me to see myself more clearly and also allows for continual growth and evolution – a true win-win.

What would your epitaph be?

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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Creating ties that bind

Today’s workforce includes individuals from a whopping five different generations, which means folks at the helm of these diverse teams – spanning Baby Boomers to Generation Alpha – will inevitably encounter a range of abilities, beliefs, work habits and communication styles.

In the (refreshing) absence of a one-size-fits-all approach, I’ve got some ideas about understanding and engaging each cohort – one of many topics I explore in my recent book, “Leading Across the Generations.”

If I’ve learned anything over the past three decades, it’s that leveraging the strengths and perspectives of each generation is the key to creating more innovative and dynamic teams.

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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Leading with intention

With summer vacation in the rear-view mirror, I’ve been reflecting on the power recharging my battery has on creating a positive work environment – for myself and the many teams I lead.

So much of my role these days (no matter where I’m involved) lies in keeping the energy levels high and helping folks maintain focus.

From the soccer clubhouse to any of the companies I run, teammates have questions they want answered and problems they need solved. As for my job? I’m not the chief problem-solver, I’m the chief asker-of-questions – and regular downtime invigorates me to keep thinking this way.

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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My tips for leaders

Since publishing my latest book, “Leading Across the Generations,” I’ve received multiple requests for radio and television interviews – which tells me this topic is resonating with a lot of people.

In the back of the book, I give readers the opportunity to download talking points (for an additional $7.99) on which I’m getting equally positive feedback.

Whether a seasoned executive, a new manager or simply trying to navigate the modern workplace, my “Leaders Tip List” will be a lifeline for navigating difficult conversations (with different generations, no less) with ease.

If you work with others, this resource was designed for you.

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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It’s summertime, and the livin’ is (a bit) easier than usual

Periodically recharging my battery goes hand-in-hand with connecting with family – both of which keep me on track to be a positive human and a good leader. For much of the year, my wife shows great understanding for my 14-hour-plus work days with a single caveat: Come summer, when she says go – we go.

We are very fortunate to be able to escape the Arizona heat and spend several weeks on the California coast. While my wife needs to be near the water, I simply need to be where I can think – our tried-and-true recipe for compromising and (personal) team building.

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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No cell phone for my daughter … yet

My wife and I may be luddites, or worse, horrible parents, yet …

Keenly aware of unrelenting peer pressure, societal influences and exponentially increasing youth depression rates, we committed to extending our daughter’s innocence by delaying her access to a cell phone. My daughter and three older siblings don’t agree, as a few hundred eye rolls, foot stomping and protests prove. My wife is stronger than me, but hopefully we are raising more connected, better humans.

Aren’t phones supposed to connect us? Instead, they have my family sitting next to each other – yet seemingly miles apart. Agree? Please encourage us.

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE