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Simple tips for editing your own writing

Even the best writers can struggle when it comes to catching their own typos. Whether you’re writing an email, a thank you note or a social media post, writing clearly and avoiding mistakes is important.

A recent Ragan article outlines some simple tips to try before pressing send:

1. Step away for a bit and come back to it later with fresh eyes.

2. Change the format, print a hard copy or change the font color to see your words with a new perspective.

3. Read it out loud or edit backwards to avoid your brain filling in what you expect to see.

Kelsey Fiedler, The Alaska 100

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Leading with intention

With summer vacation in the rear-view mirror, I’ve been reflecting on the power recharging my battery has on creating a positive work environment – for myself and the many teams I lead.

So much of my role these days (no matter where I’m involved) lies in keeping the energy levels high and helping folks maintain focus.

From the soccer clubhouse to any of the companies I run, teammates have questions they want answered and problems they need solved. As for my job? I’m not the chief problem-solver, I’m the chief asker-of-questions – and regular downtime invigorates me to keep thinking this way.

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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My tips for leaders

Since publishing my latest book, “Leading Across the Generations,” I’ve received multiple requests for radio and television interviews – which tells me this topic is resonating with a lot of people.

In the back of the book, I give readers the opportunity to download talking points (for an additional $7.99) on which I’m getting equally positive feedback.

Whether a seasoned executive, a new manager or simply trying to navigate the modern workplace, my “Leaders Tip List” will be a lifeline for navigating difficult conversations (with different generations, no less) with ease.

If you work with others, this resource was designed for you.

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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Grow your business with AI-powered co-marketing

As most AZ100 readers know, I’m passionate about insurance, soccer and writing.

I’m more excited than ever, which is mostly attributed to a recent venture between my firm – RIGHTSURE – and APPLICA, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform.

Infused with a mind-boggling combination of AI, ML and behavioral economics, the results are profound and transformed how we handle publicity, social media and ads.

I’m so enamored with the results that APPLICA Founder Joel Singer agreed to allow me to offer a one-year membership to the first 50 businesses that try it, compliments of RIGHTSURE.

Interested? Visit

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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It’s summertime, and the livin’ is (a bit) easier than usual

Periodically recharging my battery goes hand-in-hand with connecting with family – both of which keep me on track to be a positive human and a good leader. For much of the year, my wife shows great understanding for my 14-hour-plus work days with a single caveat: Come summer, when she says go – we go.

We are very fortunate to be able to escape the Arizona heat and spend several weeks on the California coast. While my wife needs to be near the water, I simply need to be where I can think – our tried-and-true recipe for compromising and (personal) team building.

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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How a business continuity plan can protect your investments

If (and when) catastrophe strikes your company, having a business continuity plan *could* be the key to mitigating damaging effects. Here’s how to build one:

Assess your risks: From wildfires to seasonal storms.

Add emergency power: A first line of defense against commercial food loss and computer failure.

Back up data regularly: On the cloud and, ideally, in a pair of different geographical locations.

Develop a chain of communication: Pass valuable info. to employees and constituents, via email, phone and website.

Prepare a contact list: Keep vendors and other auxiliary team members in the loop.

More details are available here.


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Outfits for the office to beat the heat

We all share the struggle of trying to beat the heat around the end of July. What’s even more difficult is figuring out cool, comfortable outfits that are still office appropriate.

Here are a few tips when trying to style for excessively warm weather:

For Women:

Utilize linen blouses for the perfect lightweight top.

Try button-down silky blouses for a timeless look.

Summer is for flowy dresses! You’ll stay cool between meetings.

For Men:

Don’t be afraid to style colorful polos.

Lightweight wool shirts are classy yet not too heavy.

For a lighter pant option, invest in some cotton chinos.

Ashley Goodrich, 360 Media, Inc., The Atlanta 100

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No cell phone for my daughter … yet

My wife and I may be luddites, or worse, horrible parents, yet …

Keenly aware of unrelenting peer pressure, societal influences and exponentially increasing youth depression rates, we committed to extending our daughter’s innocence by delaying her access to a cell phone. My daughter and three older siblings don’t agree, as a few hundred eye rolls, foot stomping and protests prove. My wife is stronger than me, but hopefully we are raising more connected, better humans.

Aren’t phones supposed to connect us? Instead, they have my family sitting next to each other – yet seemingly miles apart. Agree? Please encourage us.

– Jeff Arnold, Founder, RIGHTSURE

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Insurance-based home buying tips

Shopping for a new home this summer? If avoiding costly insurance claims ranks high on your list, keep your eyes peeled in the following places when perusing properties:

Roof: An aging roof is one prone to water damage and costly insurance claims.

Chimney: One that is poorly constructed, or dirty, can cause a fire.

Wiring: An outdated electrical panel and/or faulty wiring poses another fire risk.

Plumbing: Water damage is no joke, especially when it comes to your invaluable personal belongings.

While sellers should disclose details, buyers keen on due diligence can order a claims report online.

Read more here.

– Hannah Van Sickle, The Arizona 100

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Interview dos and don’ts

With job seekers still facing post pandemic challenges, how does a candidate make a compelling case for hire?

A popular question, “Tell me about yourself,” is not an invitation for reciting your resume; rather, it is an opportunity to be memorable.

CNBC offers pointers on nailing the all-important interview:

Get personal – tie in an accomplishment with a lesson. What did you learn from a given experience?

Be interesting, not boring. People remember stories, not statistics.

Highlight your purpose and your passion. What motivates you?

Be authentic – expose the real you, not someone you think the interviewer wants you to be.

Betsie Gambel, Gambel Communications, The New Orleans 100