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Life insurance primer

When it comes to life insurance, questions abound – especially about who needs it and how much coverage to get. 

If your family relies on you to provide for them financially, life insurance is a smart investment. Give loved ones the peace of mind that expenses – from a spouse’s monthly mortgage to a dependent’s college tuition – will be covered in the event of your death.

Start planning for tomorrow today: Policy premiums increase with age and often require a medical exam; furthermore, options that exist for using life insurance to build wealth take time to accrue.

For more details, read on


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How to stay motivated this year

Whether you’re looking to learn a new language, get in shape, or start a new hobby, here are a few tips on staying motivated in the new year. 

Create a vision board with images and words related to your 2023 goals. It can be a physical version to hang on a wall or a digital version on sites like Pinterest. 

Track the progress of goals in a journal or planner. This allows you to see what’s been accomplished, creating excitement and motivation to keep going. 

Tell a friend or family member who can help keep you accountable about your goals.

– De’Andra Gaston, 360 Media, Inc., The Atlanta 100

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Surefire ‘Brainhack’ to remember names

Networking can be an essential part of your job, but remembering everyone with whom you’ve networked can be challenging. Don’t fret, though, because there are some brainhacks you can use that will even help you remember what they had for lunch (assuming they told you – this isn’t a psychic lesson). 

One hack is called the Costume Party Technique, in which you imagine that their name is part of an elaborate costume. If their name is Mike, imagine they are dressed as a microphone. If it’s Bob, imagine they’re dressed as a bobbing buoy. It may sound silly, but it works.            

For more tips, read Brainhacker: Master Memory, Focus, Emotions, and More to Unleash the Genius Within

Brainhacker: Master Memory, Focus, Emotions, and More to Unleash the Genius Within

– Dave Farrow, Farrow Communications

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Home insurance for Arizona residents

Kick off 2023 with these five things to know about homeowners’ insurance:

• Mortgage: If you hold one, a home insurance policy is required. Period.

• Natural Disasters: Arizona’s desert environs are prone to wildfires and flash floods; check your policy’s fine print.

• Personal Property: Coverage for furniture and other belongings, in addition to your home’s physical structure, is key.

• Deductibles: This out-of-pocket amount, paid before coverage kicks in, should be considered carefully.

• Specific Needs: Customize your home insurance coverage to meet your lifestyle and budget.

Keen on bundling the benefits? Brush up on the basics here. Or read on for more.


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PR tactics for 2023

Three trends and three tried-and-true tactics to incorporate in 2023 public relations plans. 


1. Creator marketing continues to boom.

2. More virtual and augmented reality platforms seem to be growing. 

3. Video is still on top. 

Tried and true: 

1. Crisis communication plans ensure no one is caught flat-footed when a crisis strikes.

2. A media training introduces the newest spokesperson to the local and national media marketplace, or fine-tunes the most seasoned speaker’s tics and pitfalls. 

3. Inclusive, authentic and professional content matters. Update those photo banks, b-roll footage galleries and social media graphics. 

Learn more about how and why to implement these tactics.

Kelsey Fiedler, The Alaska 100

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Transitions – embracing the winds of change

A new year beckons change; for companies, that often means new leadership. What factors contribute to a seamless transition? 

• Trust – Establishing the foundation on which successful transitions are built

• Confidence – Believing your successor will do the right thing

• Management – Defining roles and responsibilities, boundaries and barriers

• Communication – Ensuring open internal and external dialogue, even with difficult issues

• Respect – Understanding that things may be done differently, appreciating those choices and vision

• Training – Preparing the person with the breadth of skills and tools for success

• Letting go – Recognizing that daily decisions belong to another 

• Time – Planning strategically in advance; transitioning doesn’t happen overnight

– Betsie GambelGambel Communications, The New Orleans 100

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Used vehicle (shopping) checklist

Supply chain snafus and shipping delays have used-car sales soaring. Since most major issues appear around 60,000 miles, this handy checklist is clutch:

• Tires and Brakes: Check for wear and tear.

• Suspension and Alignment: Smooth sailing is the goal.

• Air Conditioning and Heat: Check both, no matter the season.

• Safety Elements: Think directionals, seat belts and horn.

• Accident History and Repair Record: When in doubt, visit a trusted mechanic.

• Miscellaneous: From sunroof to spare tire, ensure the bells and whistles listed are present and functioning.

Join Santa in making a list and checking it twice; read on for more details.


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Maintenance checklist for commercial properties

Reduce headaches, expenses and safety issues all year long with this maintenance checklist – the one gift that might just keep on giving for individuals who own or manage a commercial property. Once each year:

• Trim trees and tend to landscaping.

•  Make sure exterior lights work.

•  Evaluate parking and hardscaping.

• Check the roof and rooftop equipment.

• Clean air ducts and check HVAC.

• Service electrical, plumbing and security systems.

•  Inspect alarms, safety and fire suppression equipment. Ignoring these tasks can result not only in loss of property but also loss of life; never, ever let them go.

Read on for more details.


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What to do if you experience fraud

Learning your checking account has been exposed to fraud is no fun. Here’s what to do if it happens to you:

• Speed is key. The sooner you notice the fraudulent charge and alert your bank, the better the chances of getting your money back.

• Reporting the initial transaction is important. The dollar amount may be small; however, that is only the beginning of what could potentially be stolen.

• Monitor accounts regularly and set up alerts. Typically fraudsters test an account with a small transaction first, then follow up with a larger charge.

Learn more here.

– Brooke Segura, Home Bank, The New Orleans 100


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Blending new puppies with existing insurance premiums

While a new puppy’s wet kisses and warm snuggles can be irresistible, the practicalities of pet ownership can be easily overlooked.

Adding a puppy to the family can change your insurance policy, so be sure to inform your carrier ASAP.  Things to consider:

• What types of dog-related damage will be covered?

• Will your specific dog breed require extra coverage?

• Does dog bite liability coverage make sense?

Even the friendliest dog can lash out – making a personal umbrella policy, offering additional layers of protection to supplement your current renters or homeowners insurance policy, a smart choice. Read on for more details.