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Arizona tasting rooms making local wine scene even sweeter

Carlson Creek Tasting Room

The Arizona wine scene is growing every day. Most local groceries stores and higher-end beverage stores such as Total Wine and Bevmo carry dozens of Arizona-based varietals. But it’s worth the drive, especially to Cochise County, to see the vineyards and tasting rooms yourself.

The Willcox Wine Region is particularly impressive with more than a dozen great spots to sip. The regions host events, which include Sierra Vista Sips & Skies on May 26. Wineries include:

• Golden Rule
• Passion Cellars
• Flying Leap
• Carlson Creek
• Aridus
• Coronado
• Bogeda Pierce
• Zarpara
• Kief-Joshua
• Pillsbury
• Laramita Cellars
• Sand-Reckoner
• Four Trails

– Alison Bailin, HMA Public Relations

3 thoughts on “Arizona tasting rooms making local wine scene even sweeter

  1. I would have liked to have seen some of the wine rooms and winemakers information from the Prescott, Sedona area too. I know there are some but would love to see that list of wine rooms and vineyards to check out also.

  2. You are missing the flagship Willcox tasting room- Keeling Schaefer Vineyards

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